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According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep apnea affects more than 18 million American adults – some of whom are patients of Dr. Cracchiolor T. Carcchiolo, jr. DDS. That’s a high number, but it’s one our local dentist is doing its part to reduce thanks to new treatment for sleep apnea and an innovative treatment approach.

About Sleep Apnea Treatment

Our dentists have invested countless hours researching the latest sleep apnea treatment options. These include airway-pressure devices like the well-known CPAP machine, oral appliances such as adjustable head straps, and surgical procedures ranging from tissue removal to jaw repositioning. And while each approach differs in design and function, the ultimate goal is the same: to establish and maintain an unobstructed breathing passage and facilitate proper oxygen intake during sleep – something that offers tremendous benefit to mind and body.

Out of all the sleep apnea treatments we’ve studied, one sleep apnea device in particular stands out: the Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP). Prescribed by more than 7,000 dentists worldwide and exhaustively detailed in over 30 peer-reviewed published studies, our confidence in the TAP solution is such that just a brief dental exam is all that’s needed to confirm if a sleep apnea patient qualifies for this innovative oral appliance.

How Does The TAP Work?

The TAP’s primary function is to hold the wearer’s lower jaw in a forward position during sleep. This prevents the jaw from falling open, a problem that causes the airway to collapse and leads to snoring and inefficient breathing. One of the TAP’s many benefits is that it’s adjustable, allowing the wearer to try out different settings until the ideal position is found for the lower jaw’s protrusion. Moreover, the TAP is designed in such a way as to eliminate the chances of the wearer developing an irregular bite, or experiencing any form of discomfort.

TAP Benefits

The TAP has a success rate of over 95%, which explains why so many dentists prescribe it. And the TAP achieves this success rate without utilizing a mask or medication, or requiring any surgery. The absence of such features makes the TAP comfortable, simple to use, and easy to travel with. And despite the fact that it has a slimmer, less-bulky profile than competing appliances, the TAP is supremely durable. Adjustability is yet another key benefit, both for the wearer and the dentist, with the latter able to access several different TAP configurations so the right TAP appliance is paired with the right patient.

Talk With Dr. Cracchiolo and Sleep Better Tonight

As a provider of some of the finest sleep apnea services in Bingham Farms, MI, Dr. Cracchiolor T. Carcchiolo, jr. DDS is well qualified to treat all forms of this common disorder. Make an appointment with us today, and sleep better tonight.